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Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire

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Found 12 items

Aluminum is soft, and most importantly light metal, and in certain industries it is simply impossible to do without the use of aluminum and its alloys. Aluminum wire is also used for aluminum welding. In industry, chemically pure aluminum is rarely used, but mainly its alloys: AlSi, AlSiMg.

Aluminum is boiled with wire from aluminum or its alloys, in the case of automatic and semi-automatic welding, the aluminum wire is a melting electrode, i.e. at the same time it is used to form an arc and goes to the weld material, in the case of argon-arc welding, welding is carried out by non-consumable electrodes, and the aluminum wire or bar goes as filler.

Welding wire for aluminum is used in semi-automatic welding. To prevent the formation of an oxide film on the surface of aluminum, its welding is carried out either in pure argon or in a mixture of argon with helium.