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Electrolysis plants

An industrial electrolyzer is a technological equipment that is used in the extraction of minerals and industrial enterprises for the production of certain types of gases (chlorine, hydrogen), for the production of aluminum and magnesium. Certain types of equipment can be used for desalination, disinfection and disinfection of wastewater.

Electrolyzers are designed to produce hydrogen and oxygen by electrolytic decomposition of water.



Used for the following purposes:

  • cooling generators of thermal and nuclear power plants
  • fat hydrogenation
  • creating a protective atmosphere in the production of hard alloys, transformer sheet, microprocessors, glass, vitamins, light bulbs, clean gases.

Consumer industries:

  • Chemical industry
  • Gas processing industry
  • Nuclear and thermal energy
  • Non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy
  • Food industry
  • Radio industry
  • Petrochemical industry


The production of hydrogen using electrolyzers distinguishes the following advantages:

  • purity of hydrogen produced;
  • inexpensive raw water;
  • environmentally friendly production;
  • ease of use of equipment;
  • long equipment life (at least 10 years)

The cell of the type SEU is a horizontal, working under pressure apparatus, assembled from the same electrodes and diaphragm frames, separated by paronite gaskets. A certain number of elements are collected in a bag and clamped between the end plates by tightening devices. Electric current is supplied to the end plates, operating as monopolar electrodes.

All electrodes are separated by diaphragms mounted on the diaphragm frames. The diaphragms separate the resulting hydrogen and oxygen. In the field of electrodes, diaphragm frames and gaskets, there are openings that form channels during assembly for the removal of the resulting gases and the return of the electrolyte carried away with the gases.

Our experts have extensive practical experience in organizing and conducting maintenance work on hydrogen plants at industrial facilities.