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Certification ISO 9001: 2015


Dear partners! We are pleased to inform you that our company has successfully passed the certification of a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015.

ISO 9001 is part of a series of ISO 9000 standards - these are international standards that describe the requirements for the quality management system of enterprises and organizations. ISO translates as International Organization for Standardization. This standard has existed for 25 years.
This certification is the key to stable product quality. The presence of a certificate is a high degree of guarantee for partners, customers and consumers.

ISO 9001 standards have been adopted by more than 190 countries.
Working according to ISO 9001 standards and effective quality management allows us:

  • maximize customer satisfaction;
  • more efficient use of time and money;
  • promptly eliminate errors;
  • bring staff motivation and involvement to a new level, contributing to the improvement of internal processes;
  • increase loyalty to the company on the part of government agencies, partners and customers;
  • provide goods and services of the best quality.

This certificate gives a guarantee to our partners that the conclusion of any type of contracts is carried out with an organization that works stably, in which all the relevant material and technical base is available. The management and production process is carried out by highly qualified personnel and a modern quality management system that complies with international standardization rules.